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Oliver trimmed 5 mins off his 10KM run, lost 13KG on a carnivore diet


I went keto nearly 3 years ago.  18 months ago I transitioned to Carnivore with a few veg.  Went from running 37 minute 10km to running 32 minute 10km (more time to come). Went from 72kg to 59kg. Lowered my blood pressure and blood work is now great. Never felt so strong and energised.

Personal trainer Joe is in the best shape of his life on a carnivore diet


Lost 64 pounds in 5 months

244 lbs. to 180 lbs.
Have maintained 180 to 185 pounds for 7months
headaches, gone
migraines, gone
arthritis, gone
anxiety, gone 
depression, gone
IBS, gone
bloating, gone
constipation, gone
feeling full and uncomfortable, gone
dandruff, gone
skin irritation red bumpy and course, gone
improved sleep
improved energy
improved clarity
improved focus
improved sense of well being
never hungry
never have cravings
never full
My life has totally changed and I have done 360 degree turn since the first person in December of 2019 asked me to do a carnivore diet for them.  Fitness and nutrition has been my passion and job since I was 14 years old.  I have been doing nutrition and fitness programs for 35 years and worked with over 1100 clients.  When I was first asked to do a carnivore diet plan.  I told the person. NOOOOO..  We are going to do a proper nutrition plan not some crazy all meat nonsense.  My exact words to the person.  You need your fruits and veggies for energy for fiber bla bla bla.  Everything I was taught or learned this carnivore thing was the anti-diet.  It basically went against everything I knew.  I just blew it off.  Well fast forward a month later Joe Rogan does a podcast about his 1 month experience doing the carnivore diet and it goes viral. 
Now I have like 50 people¬†asking me about it and wanting to pay me to write them a meal plan.¬† So reluctantly I decided to see what this all meat diet was all about.¬† I did almost a month¬†worth of research.¬† I have never recommended or done a diet plan for anybody that I have not done myself personally except vegan.¬† Seen no need to do that one considering¬†I have done every version of vegetarian.¬† ¬†So I planned it out and started doing carnivore.¬† I was just going to do it for one month.¬† I really wasn’t¬†expecting anything.¬†
I can not express to you how every week that went on just blew my mind.  just to fast forward a bit by week 3 I was a convert.  Down 16 pounds, never hungry, no craving, sleep was incredible.  Energy was in abundance.  I could not believe what was happening.  I never experienced this much success doing any other plan.  EVER. 
The longer I did it the better results I got and the better I felt.  I have never felt this good in 51 years of my life.  I am literally in the best health of my life and wish I did the carnivore diet years ago.   My mind set has totally changed.  Over the last 11 months all I do now is carnivore.  After 4 month of doing the carnivore lifestyle I made the decision to just promote and proscribe just the Carnivore way of life.  I will not do any other type of nutrition meal plan for anybody at any cost. 
My belief system has  changed that much.  The main reason this has changed my life when it comes to how I think of nutrition.  In the last 11 months I have worked with around 100 people transitioning them to the carnivore lifestyle.  All of them no matter what sex or what age all seen results.  losing body fat, building muscle, but more importantly there health.  If they have an alignment or health issue they get better.   In 11 months working 100 clients.  These 100 clients have gotten better health results then the 1100 clients I have worked with over the 35 years. It is truly amazing.   Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of my story.  I am a proud Meatiterian for Life.

JB maintains muscle mass while competing in ultra marathons on a carnivore diet

As an avid endurance athlete, I found myself abusing caffeine and legal stimulants to keep up with my intense workouts. I decided to get some blood work done to see what was up! It was at this time I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid; of which I would be forced to take a hormone replacement pill every day for the rest jof my life. This was approximately 10 years ago and at the time I was loosely following a ketogenic type diet. Upon being diagnosed, was when I began to do more research into my diet. I would not allow this diagnosis to be an excuse in anyway and I believe it motivates me even more to progress and be even better each day! Since then I have embraced a very high fat, high protein, mostly animal base diet along with intermitting fasting protocols that I designed myself suited for my job, my training, and lifestyle needs. It has been an incredible game changer. 10 years later, I feel that my energy and capacity for my workouts has increased 10 fold, I compete in 3 to 4 Ultra marathons per year ranging from 50 miles to 100 miles runs at a highly competitive level.¬† I am able to maintain muscle mass and my muscular build through my diet and weight lifting regiment even though my excessive Cardio and Aerobic workouts should be deteriorating both my muscle mass and strength. This Diet and the mindset of ‚Äúdo not believe what others tell you what you can and cannot do‚ÄĚ is what this movement really is representing. Research, learn and stay moving!

Jamie’s joint pain went away on a carnivore diet

Jamie is lifting more wight now at the gym than when he was in his 20’s. ¬†He no longer has joint pain and is almost 49!


Listen to Jamie’s story of how he came to the carnivore lifestyle on the podcast

Grant no longer has ulcerative colitis symptoms on a carnivore diet


My name is Grant Marceau,
I am a 34yr old male living in Australia on the south coast of New South Wales in wollongong. My father had bowel cancer and Ulcerative Colitis and passed away in 2010. 
I was 90kg and very chubby as im 5 foot 7 inches tall.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2013 and was in hospital for 3 weeks. During my stay in hospital it took a while for the medications to take control of the ulcers in my colon, and at one point the doctors where deciding if they would remove my large intestine completely.
Fortunately the medications started to work and i managed to get out without surgery.
After hospital i slowly but surely got my health back on track trying to eat well and exercise regularly. I was taking a whole heap of medications as well.
¬†It wasn’t until i started doing personal training sessions in 2016 at my local gym that i really started feeling good, and i truly believe that it was because of the food he told me to eat. The diet he prescribed was your basic meat and 3 veg diet, which i stuck to, eating lots of protein and low carb vegetables. I lost 10kg¬†
At the time i didn’t really appreciate how much the food changed my life. I made the mistake of thinking i had done the hard work and went back to my old ways. Before i knew it i had put half the weight back on and started feeling bloated again. But i did nothing about it and just accepted that this is what life would be like for me with this disease.
Fast forward to this year where i met another personal trainer and learned about the carnivore diet. After doing alot of research online about the diet, Shawn Baker and a few other people that make videos for you tube, i decided to give the diet a really good go and stick to a solid training regime. 
For the first 3 weeks of the carnivore diet i felt terrible, but i had done the research and knew that this was normal. In week 4 something changed and i immediately felt amazing, the diarrhea and headaches stopped and felt like i could climb a mountain.
I have now been on a very strict carnivore diet for 7 months with the occasional keto friendly salad. Very limited Alcohol. My doctors have given me regular blood tests and i had an ultrasound on my organs, all the results were A ok.
¬†I have been training 7 days a week and sometimes twice a day. Im down to 72kg and have been that way for a while. My body fat has vanished, i feel amazing and have so much energy. I don’t even feel like i have a disease anymore. My fitness has gone to the next level with this diet and i cant thankyou guys enough for the work you do.¬†
Im doing so well that i have qualified for the trials of the next season of Ninja Warrior Australia 5. This is definitely part of my story for the show and hopefully i can make it on tv and help you guys spread the message about carbs and sugar being so bad for people. Im a chef as well and would really like to educate people on how to eat real food and cook for themselves. 
Grant M

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