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Autism tips by coach Alitheia

I am diagnosed autistic. Carnivory and going FAT adapted were definitely the game-changer. Especially digestive issues and mental clarity. 

Autistics often have gut issues and also can’t focus so well / brain fog and what not. Comorbidities. 

Dr. Robert Naviaux’s hypothesis is, autistics are in a chronic CELL Danger Response state. 


So far there is no evidence for that, but to me it makes sense, because, many Autistics actually have PTSD. 

Autistics ARE chronically stressed out by their environment (too loud, too smelly, too many people etc) If mitochondria are in a constant state of alarm, they don’t work properly, and again, this will cause a cascade of symptoms… a vicious cycle.. 


One of the biggest factors for autistics is to take straws off the camel’s back and have better quality of life –  definitely nutrition, treating deficiencies, removing trigger foods, going low carb, fat adapted are crucial. 

Removing other stressors too. Having a regular circadian rhythm. 


Autistics need to feel SAFE and be treated with dignity, NOT humiliated for being different.. Reducing all kinds of stress and toxins in their environment is totally important, thus you can  regulate an autistic nervous system. 

With autistics often there is also the sensory overload, so certain foods are difficult to eat because the texture feels wrong. Please Respect that. Don’t invalidate. It’s traumatic to be invalidated. 


Eggs are great, if tolerated… 

Supplementing with high doses of Niacin and Thiamine, Nootropics like SAMe, Lithium Orotate, Taurin can help reduce anxiety.. 


Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride has done a lot of work with GAPSdiet – but saying, some autistics simply can’t tolerate vegetables, gluten, carbs, oxalates etc. However, her strong orientation towards fermented foods was not my cup of tea for histamine reasons. Depends on the individual of course.

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