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Howdy, my name is Amber. Prior to keto, I was obese, depressed, pre-diabetic, had acid reflux and took Nexium everyday for 8 years, had super high blood pressure and was on 5 different meds at one time, and had very severe rosacea. After two years on keto, I was no longer pre-diabetic or obese, off most of my BP meds but one, acid reflux gone, and rosacea cleared some. Since I still had a few issues to try to heal and one med left to eliminate, I transitioned into the carnivore diet March of 2019 to see if it would make a difference. It was shocking, but the one unexpected benefit was the major improvement with gut issues. I had no idea what good digestion felt like. My rosacea is almost gone, and I’m now proudly off ALL medications. I feel the carnivore diet has so much potential to heal I felt compelled to become an advocate and now a carnivore coach, so I can help even more people achieve better health.

Personal Experience:

Eating Disorders (anorexia, bulimia, food addiction, body dysmorphia)
Exercise Disorder (anorexia athletica)
Multiple major weight loses/gains via every diet out there
Extreme High BP
Severe Acid Reflux
Stomach Pain
Skin Rashes
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Emotional Depression



Precision Nutrition (PN1)
Carnivore Coach
IF Coach
Ketogenic Coach
Life Coach
Master Life Coach
Goal Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
Advanced CBT
Master Hypnotherapy
Body Image Master Class

27 reviews for Amber W

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    Amber is knowledgeable, friendly, and open. She shared with me the different ways of eating she’s experienced over the years, and explained how Carnivore has been the best for her. Amber took time to listen to my concerns and questions, then thoroughly addressed each one. The most helpful part for me was discussing her day of food and how it has improved her life. (Side note: I asked a lot of questions. She took time to not only listen and answer, but include real life examples where applicable. I loved this!)

  2. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Amber was super nice and knowledgeable about the Carnivore diet and answered all my questions thoroughly. All my concerns were addressed and she was able to explain in an easy and understandable way. She even sent me links by email to help me out. I highly recommend her!

  3. Monica Giroux (verified owner)

    Had a session with Amber just to make sure that I was on the right track- we had a lot of similarities in our past situations, so it was great to have a conversation with someone that I could really relate to! thanks Amber- she is definitely a great person to coach with for women that are facing mid-life and all that is associated with it…

  4. Colleen Metzinger-Koleosho (verified owner)

    Amber is smart, kind and sweet. She has a ton of life experience and certainly doesn’t mind talking about things that go beyond what to eat. She checks in with me on another social media platform, and you can see how big her heart really is. I needed a female coach because of the nature of some of my struggles. She truly wants to see others succeed!

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    Amber is so nice and very accommodating. (She even answered questions from me whilst she was out and about!). She is more than happy to share her knowledge and takes the time to explain. I will definitely be speaking to her again in the near future.


  6. Patricia (verified owner)

    Amber is super sweet and supportive. She is very committed to this way of eating.

  7. Antonella Burcheri (verified owner)

    She was wonderful. Understood my goal and guided me through transition and answered all my questions. Now carnivore is more clear to me and easier to carry on from now on. Thank you so much

  8. Lisa (verified owner)

    The session I had with Amber was so helpful and she is so easy to talk to and encouraging. I was struggling with getting started and she answered all of my questions. She also gave me real life examples and inspired me to give my all to the way of eating. I highly recommend booking a session with Amber!

  9. Yomi (verified owner)

    I had my first ever training session with a Carnivore coach – with Amber. It was so nice. She is such a wonderful person and listened to my problems and my health issues and my past. She gave me such good advice and I feel so relieved and happy that I could connect with her. I will certainly book her again. Loved it…

  10. Fiona Ng (verified owner)

    Amber is upbeat, encouraging and personable. She has a lot of experience with “dieting” in general and give valuable insights on how I should approach this change. She is friendly and eager to help. I highly recommend her.

  11. Jasmin Gilliam (verified owner)

    Amber is kind and caring, knowledgeable and encouraging as well as wanting to help. Thank you for the consult!

  12. Aileen Hodge (verified owner)

    I had my first session with Amber. What a joy it was to speak with her. She knows what she is talking about and helped me to realize I am doing what I should be doing. She gave a few suggestions and I will start with that and continue on with the healing of my body and mind. Thank you

  13. Kristen C (verified owner)

    I could immediately tell that Amber was passionate about helping people. She understood where I was coming from as she had experienced much of the same. She is knowledgeable, helpful and so much fun to talk with. I really enjoyed our session and know that she is rooting for me!

  14. Daniel Vose (verified owner)

    Amber was very kind and friendly. She explained things in a way that made everything clearer me. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about keto/carnivore. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting help with this way of life.

  15. Renay Hartman (verified owner)

    Ambers great. She’s the real deal.

  16. Liz (verified owner)

    Amber was soooo incredibly nice and down to earth. I love her instagram account and have found her to be so positive and knowledgable on there. When I realized I needed help figuring out how to get back on track with my nutrition/health, I chose Amber because I felt like she would understand me as a woman who has gained and lost weight multiple times. Our first session today was wonderful! Amber was so easy to talk to and so insightful. She was an amazing listener and really helped to help me pinpoint what I can work on now to help me move forward. She was really fun to talk to and really gets how our health and eating is NOT just about food. I really needed to hear this today! I look forward to more zoom meetings in the future as I work towards my goals. Thank you, Amber!

  17. Elizabeth Ohanian (verified owner)

    Amber was wonderful! She is so honest and so helpful. She really takes the time to listen and connect with you! I appreciated all of her advice!

  18. Kim G (verified owner)

    Amber was SO great!! She was encouraging, positive & down to earth. Her knowledge & experiences she shared were so appreciated. She helped me truly understand what I should focus on. I would recommend Amber to anyone. Thank you so much. 😊

  19. Viktor (verified owner)

    Amber was awesome! She helped me create a plan so I can stay on track and not get confused by all the overwhelming information out there.

  20. Lisa Glick (verified owner)

    One session and already I feel better!! Amber knows her stuff, she is friendly, she listens, and she is inspiring. so grateful

  21. Molly (verified owner)

    Amber is a great coach! She listened to me and gave me suggestions based on my unique health situation rather than general advice. She also had a lot of motivational and mental tidbits as well. I would definitely meet with Amber again!

  22. cmt1669 (verified owner)

    Amber did a fine job of listening to our concerns and gave thoughtful responses to our questions. She was able to add some information we hadn’t thought of yet. We are only a month in so we are still learning. We plan to visit with her again in 6-8 weeks. Very easy to talk with and she has a nice sense of humor.

  23. Tobi Tanksley (verified owner)

    Not being new to carnivore my questions were more about my relationship with food, and weight loss. Amber helped me clarify my goals, and identify some addictive food habits. I feel very good moving forward. I look forward to booking another session.

  24. Lisa G (verified owner)

    Amber is fabulous. She listens, she relates, she offers suggestions, she explains things, she’s caring and kind. Ive met with her twice and will continue to do so. She helped me tweak my program and gave me confidence to stay true to my journey.

  25. MARIA HENKEL (verified owner)

    I had a coaching session with Amber today and I’m so glad I did. She was very helpful explaining the Carnivore diet to me and she offered me suggestions on my health journey that I know will help me a lot!

  26. sim and a weeb

    she was hot

  27. Revlis (verified owner)

    Amber is extremely helpful and genuinely cares and listens to you. I hope to keep checking in with her every week and improve in different areas of my life.

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