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So you are considering hiring a nutrition coach! Maybe you have done that before. You got that meal plan, went to the store with the four-page shopping list (WTF is arrowroot??), and spent most of your Sunday afternoons preparing meals! Three meals, two snacks, and a healthy desert for each day of the week!

But what happened a few weeks later? You completely stalled! Not only that, but you felt miserable. Your energy went down, your willpower was gone, and why did those donuts look SO good?? Most of the meals you made went to waste since you and your husband and little Timmy did not eat kale anyway. And then… Your weight went UP. Like, a lot, and so did your sugar cravings. Several months later, you were heavier than when you started.

Did that sound familiar? Why was it so hard to stick with the conventional advice? Was something wrong with you?

Maybe it was not you at all. Maybe you were just following THE WRONG ADVICE.

I am the owner of Boundless Body LLC. I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and ran a metabolic testing program for over 14 years. I have helped hundreds of my clients transition onto low carb/keto/carnivore. My clients lose FAT, not just WEIGHT. They do not lose muscle. Their energy goes WAY up. They feel less hungry, which is much more convenient and cheaper for them.

We will discuss ideas together and make a plan that you are comfortable with. You can purchase as many sessions as you like as we go, and you will probably need more than one. But it should only take a few. There are no supplements to buy. No catch. No BS. Just results.

If you hire me, I will work tirelessly with you until you succeed in reaching your goals.


“Eat meat. Only when hungry. Mostly beef.” -Keto Casey

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6 reviews for Casey Ruff

  1. Maggie (verified owner)

    Book Casey now! He has so much experience helping people reach their goals. I’m so thankful for all of the answers he was able to provide to my questions in just one session! Talking with him was 100x more helpful than just reading a generic carnivore blog post. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with him!

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    After looking at all the coaches profiles…here is one of the few who asks questions… Best decision I could have made… What a nice sincere friendly knowledgeable guy to help me get started on my carnivore journey… I have a long way to go, but feel more confident after spending time with Casey… book him you won’t be sorry

  3. James Kirsch (verified owner)

    I had a really great experience interacting with Casey. He was very responsive to my questions and has had a lot of experience in the diet/health related world. My main appreciation of Casey was how comfortable I felt talking with him and his truly genuine effort to be helpful. Really easy to talk to! I would have no hesitation with talking to Casey again anytime in the future! Thanks Casey!

  4. Tony Pascolla (verified owner)

    Casey was super knowledgable and very easy going. He did an amazing job in assisting me in my transition to carnivore and becoming a fat adapted athlete. I look forward to touching base with him again and sharing my progress.

  5. Rick Snider (verified owner)

    Casey is very engaged in discussing your questions about health and the carnivore diet. He takes the time to understand your background information and is extremely knowledgeable and equipped to provide useful guidance on attaining your goals. Highly recommended!

  6. David Hernandez (verified owner)

    All the information on the internet can be overwhelming because nothing is tailored for you specifically. Being that I wanted to build muscle while on carnivore, I chose Casey. I was kind of nervous going into this but he made me feel very comfortable. His answers were very helpful. I’m so glad I did this. I look forward to working with Casey again. Definite recommendation. Thanks, Casey!

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