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Hi, my name is Elizabeth B. I am excited to help you take this big step in optimizing your life. The carnivore diet helped me in so many ways that it has become the primary therapy for my patients. I adapted to a full Carnivore Diet from a meat-heavy Ketogenic Diet when I went into menopause. It helped me so much that I decided to write a book about it. It is called Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause. Being a carnivore coach will give me the opportunity to spread the word about how much this diet improves not only your health but also your lifestyle. I have six years of experience in creating meal plans and giving practical advice to make the transition to a Carnivore diet uncomplicated and attainable. I am excited to help you understand how much the carnivore diet can improve endocrine function and hormone levels naturally.

In my experience, the carnivore diet is the best diet for thyroid and adrenal issues. Many women are suffering endocrine imbalances much younger. What I learned in researching my book made me understand how vital meat and animal fat are for women’s health. 

At 58, instead of slowing down, the carnivore diet has helped me take up stand-up paddle board as a new sport. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you make powerful changes with the Carnivore Diet!

39 reviews for Elizabeth B

  1. Emma (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend Elizabeth enough! I’ve been dabbling in Carnivore since 2018 but after continuing to have issues with my hormones etc I am SO glad I spoke with Elizabeth. Her background in Naturopathy and womens hormones is just so valuable and she was able to see and correct a problem that I wouldn’t have noticed despite my years of personal research. Elizabeth was very thorough in getting the whole picture and listened kindly. I felt supported and heard and I had a very clear direction and plan after the call. I’m looking forward to being in regular contact with Elizabeth going forward and I feel very very lucky to have access to her through Meatrx. Thank you so much for your time working with me and for being so dedicated to helping women heal their hormones with meat.

  2. Marie Chingcuangco (verified owner)

    I zoomed with Elizabeth, Monday, October 19th 2020 because I am contemplating going carnivore. I was debating whether I should go ahead and meet with her. My thoughts were, “how could a 30 min. session help me in any meaningful way?” I was wrong. I picked Elizabeth specifically because of her naturopath background, but also because she had a kind face. I had a list of questions. She listened well and understood the heart of each question. The focus is about your concerns and that you get them addressed. She’s a 4 or 5 year carnivore. She knows what she speaks of. My specific major issue is RA and she reassured me that the carnivore diet has helped many of her patients. She also has a book about hormones and menopause. I am halfway reading it and can’t put it down. I will write again when I have finished the book. Moving forward I can see myself going back to Elizabeth for clarification and advice as I start my carnivore journey.

  3. Zhanna Zeleke (verified owner)

    Elizabeth is kind and caring, knowledgeable and encouraging as well as wanting to help. She is very passionate about the benefits  of carnivore diet for women’s health, and wants to spread the word about how much this diet improves not only your health but also your lifestyle. She wrote a very helpful book called “Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause”.
    She is such a wonderful person and listened to my problems and my health issues. She gave me such good advice and I feel so relieved and happy that I could connect with her. 
    After I receive my medical results I will certainly book her again to get more guidance .
    Thank you very much Elizabet.
    Love Zhanna

  4. Curtis Dionne (verified owner)

    Elizabeth and I had a coaching meeting November 15th, 2020. I have been full carnivore since 2018 with great results, but had some specific questions to additionally tweak my health.I specifically reached out to Elizabeth after hearing her interviews on the MeatRx podcast. It was directly apparent from her dialog with Dr. Baker. that Elizabeth was very well versed in the endocrine system and successfully treating patients as a DO/ND. Our session met all expectations and more. Elizabeth even took the time to follow-up the next day with detailed instructions and additional documentation regarding thyroid health.

  5. Frank Carbone

    I’m really happy that I book a coaching session with Elizabeth. Her knowledge and experience really help to guide me on a good direction.

    I realize how important getting support is and having Elizabeth to overlook the process really helped to clear up a few things that have been very helpful.
    I strongly recommend a coaching session with Elizabeth,


    Thank You

  6. Kathy (verified owner)

    I am 65 years old and have been looking for a health coach who understands the dietary needs of postmenopausal women for hormonal and brain health. I recently had a session with Elizabeth and chose her specifically because of her focus on menopause and women’s health. I came away with a better understanding of the benefits of a higher fat diet for postmenopausal women, as well as some good suggestions for increasing my fat intake. Would highly recommend booking a session with Elizabeth. Also, check out her website for more good information and excellent blog posts.

  7. Barb (verified owner)

    I enjoy speaking with Elizabeth. We’ve had coaching sessions once a week for three weeks as of today. I’m a 53 year-old female who has been trying to understand the connection between insulin resistance and hormonal changes. Elizabeth has helped me make the connection between the two and give suggestions of how to address the issue.

    I’m a person who benefits from regular coaching as it helps me stay committed and it gives me a place to ask questions that arise over the course of a week.

    Elizabeth has patiently answered all my questions and genuinely comes across as knowledgeable, caring and understanding.

  8. CrunchyNut (verified owner)

    When i approached Elizabeth, I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor cognition, poor digestion and general low mood. I had been following the Carnivore way of eating for just over one month and had no improvement so I contacted Elizabeth for her specialist knowledge of adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, and menopause. We have been working together for about a month and I am beginning to see the health and wellbeing improvements I have been dreaming of. I have been searching for over a decade for a remedy for this awful malaise. Without Elizabeth’s advice, food and supplement recommendations, and moral support, I would have given up and potentially missed out on a new life. Every woman I know has some kind of chronic life limiting condition. If this sounds like your story, please contact Elizabeth.

  9. Marie (verified owner)

    What a wonderful experience it was to have a session with Elizabeth! I felt heard and she quickly saw the essence of what I needed to work on to address quite a range of health challenges with clarity, practical steps, depth of knowledge on each topic, and kindness. I was quite struck with her knowledge and generosity. I am planning to follow up as she is available. With much gratitude, M.L.

  10. Tangie Solow (verified owner)

    Elizabeth is helping me so much. I had been looking for the kind of information and support I am getting from her for years. Her obvious depth of knowledge and understanding of women’s health and all things “carnivore” gave me hope within minutes of meeting with her. I had finally found the person who was going to help me get to the bottom of my issues and help me solve them. I am very grateful to Elizabeth and highly recommend her.

  11. Saoirse Sheridan (verified owner)

    Excellent information and knowledge from Elizabeth, very positive experience. Thank you and would highly recommend!

  12. Laura Benson Pfeufer (verified owner)

    Elizabeth is so knowledgeable with women’s health. I had my list of questions and she answered every one with compassion. She gave me great advice – I’m 49 and experiencing lots of typical symptoms that we both believe can be corrected through diet. I’ve learned so much from her – also through her book and online interviews. I highly recommend Elizabeth!

  13. Dan Parrott (verified owner)

    I just finished zooming with Dr. Bright. I found her endocrinology background very helpful in explaining why I was still craving a little sweet in my diet from time to time. She explained that my body was likely looking for a quick energy boost, and recommended eating fattier foods over the course of the day as a way to keep the body fueled up and ready to go. She also explained how eating fat would also reduce cortisol spikes, and reduce any corresponding back inflammation flare-ups, aches and pains. Last, she shared with me her how she eats, and I appreciated having her as a role model in this regard. It was 30 minutes very well spent. Thank you Dr. Bright!

  14. Patrick Terry (verified owner)

    Elizabeth was awsome, very astute and really listened to my concerns. Elizabeth helped me progress through a diagnosis of shingles and how to proceed and move forward with Carnivore…thank you! Patrick

  15. Marie LoParco (verified owner)

    I was fortunate enough to be able to have a follow up with Elizabeth and to trouble shoot various issues and to ask questions about things that have begun to surface as I continue along with this new (to me) life style. How wonderful to have access to this much needed kind of support. Elizabeth’s generous sharing of information and her experienced insights are much appreciated. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  16. Kiki F. (verified owner)

    Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and offers a deep perspective along with easy to manage supports for renewed and ongoing health. I am nearly 3 years carnivore and having coaching on women’s health from a dedicated expert is just what I needed to continue to heal and thrive. Grazie Elizabeth 🙏🏽

  17. Ray R (verified owner)

    I am so happy I booked this session. I had questions about recent bloodwork that I received and Elizabeth answered all my questions to my understand in a most professional manner. I couldn’t be happier with result. Even though I am new to eating Carnivore, she is such a good coach. Will schedule with again when needed

  18. Shelley (verified owner)

    I’m a post menopausal woman with Hashimoto’s and have been low carb/keto/carnivore for several years. Elizabeth provided helpful information which I am looking forward to implementing. I hope to be meeting with her again in the near future.

  19. Margaret Albert (verified owner)

    Enjoyed my coaching session with Elizabeth. She’s great, supportive and appears to “know her stuff.” Easy to talk to and very helpful. Look forward to another session with her in the future. Would highly recommend her as a coach.

  20. Jean Raymondi

    I had a coaching session with Elizabeth 2/16/21. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions. She gave some very good advice regarding me specifically. I love this network of coaches and how available the instant coaching is as well as booking one. Thank you MeatRx and Elizabeth.

  21. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I heard Elizabeth on an interview with Dr Shawn Baker, and found their discussion on hormones and menopause, on thyroid very informative. I felt like Elizabeth would be able to address my concerns…I mean just about food and eating. I had only been carnivore for 7 mos, but I wasn’t having ‘results’. So, this was a juncture to reach out for direction, and help.
    I was open to seasoned advise, ideas to improve my woe, and follow up with a health professional, and fellow carnivore.
    I am very fortunate that I am a fairly healthy 68yr old woman, but a lifetime of obesity can be overwhelming. And, I’m beginning to suspect hormonal. So, what a blessing to find Elizabeth coaching here so accessible.
    I look forward to continue growing and learning, and I think Elizabeth has so much knowledge and experience to encourage reaching the results of my best health.

  22. Judith Baumgartner (verified owner)

    Had coaching with Dr. Elizabeth in November of last year and she was so helpful. Went out of her way to help me with digestive issues. I have been waiting for testing on digestion and thyroid results but have contacted her again and will talk to her again next week.

    Judy Baumgartner

  23. Suzanne Smith (verified owner)

    I have been following Carnivore on and off for 6 months, but have found it difficult to accept that this way of eating is the way to go. For so long it has been instilled in us that we must have our greens. After speaking to Elizabeth, she has convinced me to go 100% Carnivore for which I am very grateful. I have ordered her book
    “Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause” and cant wait to read it.
    Thank You Elizabeth.

  24. Kelly Walters (verified owner)

    Awesome! She gave me a lot to think about and to work on. All new information for me. I am already carnivore but started menopause and EVERYTHING changed! She was so helpful and caring.

  25. Teressa McCord (verified owner)

    I have had 2 coaching sessions with Elizabeth and found her extremely knowledgeable. I chose Elizabeth because of her impressive credentials and enjoyed learning from her in videos i listened to when she was interviewed by others I follow and admire in the carnivore community. I recommend anyone that may have thyroid, hormonal, menopausal or digestive issues and are concerned about the carnivore way of eating visit with Elizabeth.

  26. Janine (verified owner)

    Great experience! So glad I made the call!

  27. Emer (verified owner)

    Everyone, particularly women, should have a coaching session with Elizabeth. She is a fountain of knowledge on the relationship between diet and hormone health, and delivers her message in a very clear and accessible manner. I booked a session with her having been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and experienced hormonal imbalances at only 30 years old. She listened carefully and gave me extremely helpful advice. She has invaluable insights into both the theory and practice of healing hormonal health and really gave me the motivation I needed to fully heal, having been “mostly” carnivore for a year and a half. I can’t recommend her enough and look forward to my next session with her.

  28. Orit (verified owner)

    It took me almost 8 months on this WOE and a lot of frustration until I decided to finally choose a coach from the MeatRX list. I am so happy and lucky to have chosen Elizabeth! She is a true professional- she has a lot of knowledge, not only on carnivore but on various important health issues as well. she is highly perceptive and on top of that, she is very attentive, patient, and kind.
    I highly recommend every person who wants to better their diet, their personal knowledge, and their health to have a session with Elizabeth, you 100% won’t regret your choice!
    Thank you very much, Elizabeth!

  29. Krystyna (verified owner)

    I am at the start of my carnivore journey from a pale low carb diet. I have been struggling with transitioning and I can’t say I love meat only meals! I know I feel better eating carnivore but I’d rather be eating a normal diet so I’m a very reluctant carnivore. Elizabeth has spotted some issues in my regular meals. I am also terrible for trying to cheat so she’s pointed out some worst case culprits and “grey” areas. I am a big believer in progression not perfection so Elizabeth has helped me put in place an action plan I can realistically work to (as a very flawed human!)

  30. Alicia Mott (verified owner)

    I had my first coaching session with Elizabeth this morning. I am 73 years young with a long history of diets of every kind and the resulting trauma to my body. I am very new to carnivore, but 100% committed. I had a list of questions for her. She listened with her whole being, then answered me with great wisdom and compassion. With Elizabeth’s coaching, I now have a clear plan for optimizing my carnivore experience during the next few weeks. I will be booking another session with her then and as needed in the future. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ELIZABETH!

  31. Kylie TUCKERMAN (verified owner)

    Cheers Elizabeth, thank you so much for helping me tweek my diet. Im thankful for you sharing your knowledge and look forward to implementing the changes.

    Elizabeth’s knowledge of the carnivore diet and women’s health is a such a credit to those that need support and guidance. I recommend Elizabeth to anybody especially those that need motivation to improve their health
    . Cheers

  32. Karen (verified owner)

    I’m new to a totally carnivore diet and to the Meatrx zoom meetings. I saw Elizabeth Bright on a meeting about adrenals and thyroid and I knew she was someone I wanted to talk with. I booked two sessions so we would have enough time to discuss the issues that were important to me. She was extremely helpful. She said some things I had heard before but didn’t take as seriously as I should have. When she said them I took notice because of her extensive background as a Naturopath, an Osteopath, and an expert in postmenopausal women.I read her bio, talked for an hour, and since have read her book, “Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause” which was very educational and insightful.
    Elizabeth thought that one of the reasons for my difficulties was not eating enough in general, and not enough fat in particular. I started eating more and I have been feeling a lot better. I intend to seek her out for more advice and am thrilled to have found such a caring, knowledgeable, competent coach to help me on my carnivore journey.
    Thanks, Elizabeth, you have already made quite an impact on me and my health and I appreciate you very much. I intend to continue to seek your wisdom.

  33. Deanna (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful talk with Elizabeth today, and I am truly grateful for the time we were able to talk. She was able to help me figure out some things that I was having difficulties figuring out on my own.

  34. April Bradley (verified owner)

    Elizabeth was great! She really helped me fine-tune my diet. I am T2DM and was having difficulty bringing my BS down below the 120s. She really helped me with understanding how I needed to adjust my fat to protein ratio. I started that day and saw immediate results. My morning fasting BS is now in the normal range. I am so glad that I met with Elizabeth. I feel confident moving forward now with my carnivore lifestyle.

  35. Samaria Brugger (verified owner)

    I have worked with two other coaches here at MeatRx and made tremendous strides with this way of eating. I still had some lingering health issues and suspected that I still had adrenal issues. I went to one of her thyroid and adrenal health meetings and my jaw dropped. Then I watched her videos and again my jaw dropped. So I set up a coaching session and came up with a plan. Then decided to see her as a doctor. She told me her fees and again my jaw dropped. Compared to other doctors who have similar specialties her fees are very reasonable. I had contacted a few and there was no way I could do it. I recommend to anyone with hormone, gut, adrenal or thyroid issues to meet with her. I also recommend that you follow the advice she gives you because she knows what she’s talking about. She came into my life at exactly the right time I needed her. Thank you Elizabeth.

  36. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Wow!! Every single female should meet with Elizabeth! The day after meeting with her I read her book. A must read for all women!! Without this knowledge we are feed disinformation and given medications that eating a high FAT carnivore diet can cure. I am so blown away I am booking full blown appointment through her practice
    so she can go even deeper into my health! Estrogen? NOPE-FAT and carnivore!

  37. MeiLi (verified owner)

    I had my 1st session with Elizabeth today. She listened attentively and answered my questions precisely without added jargon. She also gave advice on protien/fat ratio to help with my joint pain. She is very pleasant to talk with and is very knowledgeable in the carn diet and other health issues. I’ll definitely book her again.

  38. Nina Goradia (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, compassionate, gracious, and patient. Thank you so much for your help today and what you do volunteering here to help us. God bless you.

  39. Katalin Bátor-Hős (verified owner)

    It was such a great experience to get coached by Elizabeth yesterday! I have tried all diets out there and just got sicker and sicker with a thyroid that is working slower and slower with each diet. The only one I have never tried was Carnivore diet… You know… I believed in the “eat your vegetables” girl so you will be healthy and lean dogma. Thank you so much Elizabeth for the great insights and you helped me understand my situation much clearer. I am on my day 3 of carnivore and already experiencing great things…for example, I can sleep… I will be back with updates! ♥️

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