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Thrive Naturally


Are you ready to FEEL GOOD beyond anything you have ever experienced before?

Are you ready to not “just” feel good but THRIVE?

The carnivore diet has the power to leverage your health and well being in such a way that your body and mind can perform like nature intended, so that YOU and YOUR NATURE can fully flourish.

I would feel privileged to partner with you on your journey of transitioning from where you are now toward what’s next for you when you ease into the carnivore lifestyle. It may be a radical change from what you have been used to up to today, and I’d love to support your transition and be your accountability partner on the road to YOUR success.


Brief personal background:

I have always been passionate about health, fitness and nature and throughout my life I have played with and experimented with several diets. All of them have always been based on fresh and whole foods, and you can categorize them from “omnivorous” to “vegetarian”, to “low-fat bodybuilding-style”, to “ketogenic” and ultimately “carnivore”. Combined with an active and healthy lifestyle, I pretty much felt good on all of them … until I started eating nose-to-tail carnivore on January 1st, 2019. This lifestyle took my mental, emotional and physical heath to a level I never thought existed! I now feel better, steady and solid, happier, well nourished, more energized and stronger, in my 40’s then when I was in my 20’s. And I believe you can too, whatever level you’re starting from today! 

Personal improvements I experienced / still experience today as a carnivore:

  • mental clarity
  • stable mood
  • sustained energy throughout the whole day
  • absence of cravings
  • more time in a day and absence of decision-fatigue
  • solid sleep
  • improved body composition, absence of inflammation
  • improved physical performance and recovery
  • happy hormones
  • improved skin

Brief professional background:

I have a professional background in Physical Therapy and Physical Education and Personal Training and my search for getting to the foundation of what can support us, heal us and help us thrive lead me to health coaching with a passion for nutrition; I currently work as a Board Certified Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and my passion for animal based nutrition has lead me to MeatRx. 

I am looking forward to meeting you!




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