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My name is (Neethee)!

Carnivory was something I instinctually fell into when my daughter’s life was on the line. It kept me grounded while helping me overcome my anxiety, grief and depression from the loss of my daughter while avoiding ALL drugs. In case you are unaware, when you lose a child the medical realm prescribes narcotics to deal with the loss. I find that highly irresponsible of medical professionals.

Meat gave me clarity, appreciation and focus. I believe that a meat only diet helped me find JOY when I was shattered. Meat saved my life and my sanity.

My passion for healing using animal-based nutrition began when my 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Esthesioneuroblastoma in 2007. Meenakshi underwent 5 rounds of toxic chemotherapy that did not stop the cancer. As a mother fighting for my child’s life, I embarked on a holistic mission to source the cleanest, most regenerative foods from local farms.

I cured Meenakshi’s cancer with real nutrient dense, regenerative meats, however the damage to her vital structures from the chemo was too great and Meenakshi died September 13, 2009. I have since helped thousands of people regain their life giving force using animal based nutrition from regenerative farms. I have witnessed the power of regenerative meats vs. conventional C.A.F.O. meats. I have witnessed the neurological chemical sensitivities people are faced with when consuming conventionally raised meats. This does not mean that I believe all meat you can afford isn’t better nutrition than plant material; it just means that people can be chemically sensitive to conventional meat vs. regenerative meat.

It is my mission to protect my family and others from the corporatocratic industrialized food and medical system. I am a National Rogue Food Leader and for the past decade I have been developing regenerative farmers/ranchers as well as coaching regenerative eaters to support them.

I founded Farm to Fork Meat Riot, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for reestablishing the regenerative small family farm food system, in 2009 and just released a book (2019) entitled the same to create awareness for my nonprofit work. I also host a podcast as “Niti The FARMacist”. You can read an excerpt of my book and buy your own copy by clicking here. Purchase your copy of my book from my website and you will receive a personalized copy directly from me. All proceeds will directly support our nonprofit work.  Help regenerative farmers and the eaters that you know by sharing our story with them.

If you support a regenerative local farm, tell them to reach out to me so I can share their story on my YouTube channel!

I live in Raleigh, NC (coaching on Eastern Standard Time) with my husband and 2 surviving children. I have been coaching families for over a decade now. I have experience helping people with chemical sensitivities, autoimmune conditions of various types, mental and emotional health issues, family coaching including parents and children working to overcome a plethora of nutritional deficiencies and diagnoses.

Tell your friends to watch out. The healing is coming for you!~


You can tune in to my YouTube channel and check out my other social media by clicking here. If you like what you see, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe and share it with the people that you care about.  If you choose me as your coach, we will focus on how you can gain and enjoy Health Independence, one bite at a time.

6 reviews for Niti B

  1. Charlotte Samuel (verified owner)

    I really loved talking with Niti. She immediately grasped where I was at and talked me through how I could reach my goals in optimising carnivore for me at this stage of my journey.
    I was so impressed with her integrity, dedication and clear-headedness. And her wealth of knowledge.
    I wanted the session to go on and on!! The feeling of really being listened to left me feeling full of joy and peace.
    Thank you.

  2. Roberta OConnor (verified owner)

    We all value our time and a session spent with Niti is a great investment. She has a strong knowledge base and she is also intuitive. There is so much to talk about you should have your questions outlined in front of you. She really helps you connect the dots, see where you are at on the path, and helps guide your next steps. She is very encouraging about trusting the process. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to following up with her.

  3. Valerie Cruz

    There are no words that can ever truly express my LOVE and appreciation for Niti! Working with her empowered me to finally be able to have freedom, confidence, health, joy and peace. I was able to empower my daughter to do the same for herself and I cannot thank her enough! I knew that the food my daughter and I were eating was harmful and even deadly when I discovered my daughter suffered from food allergies. Never in my life had I ever thought the very thing we need to survive, the very thing we as humans needed to thrive would ever be harmful. I also began to see how the food was affecting me personally when I noticed changes in my monthly cycle. After going to the doctor and enduring countless tests the doctor told me I should have a hysterectomy. Through my conversations with Niti I was able to take my confidence back and my knowing in the power our bodies have to heal. I refused the surgery and chose to work with Niti on changing my beliefs about food and changing my eating habits towards a carnivore diet. I learned the important life saving force food grown regeneratively has when you have to not only heal yourself but also a child riddled with food allergies. I was able to build relationships with small regenerative farms in my area. I sourced all my food from them. My health turned around, my cycle regulated, I lost weight and I feel great! When the student is ready the teacher will arrive. Thank you Niti for all your help!

  4. Valerie Cruz

    Niti’s determination and love empowered me to finally be able to have confidence, health, joy and peace. I knew that the food I was eating was harmful even deadly through my suffering from food allergies. I suffered from stomach aches, headaches, severe eczema, swelling, rashes and even life-threatening Anaphylaxis. For years, I went to countless doctors, specialists, nutritionists and children’s hospitals, in the hope of finding some answers, only to be told that there were no answers. I was told that this happens and all there is to do is apply steroid creams, eliminate foods from my diet, and use antibiotics when the infections would arise (due to countless open wounds from the scratching and skin cracking). In my conversations with Niti Bali she was able to help. I changed my beliefs about food and I changed my diet towards a regenerative carnivore diet. My skin condition reversed, my swelling and weight came down. My problems with migraines and stomach aches went away. I no longer had problems with my monthly cycle. I am so appreciative to Niti for all she does to help me and my mom!

  5. Cynthia C Boulus (verified owner)

    Yesterday, I had my first coaching session with Niti Bali. I knew I would like her after reading her book, Farm to Form Meat Riot, Regenerating Life Giving Force, but I left the meeting feeling like I had just been encouraged by a life-long friend. Niti is just one of those rare people who exudes love and compassion. She also knows her stuff. She has been there. Down in the trenches where life can get really ugly and unforgiving. But she found a way out and now it is her life mission to pass her knowledge on to others.
    Three months into carnivore (the first month strict, the last two adding back a few veggies) I have lost 20 pounds, but not much else about my health has changed. (Yeah, I know it is early in the process). After talking with Niti, I know there is so much more I can do to speed up the healing process. And, the great thing is, she has all the nitty details and food sourcing figured out. I feel like I can relax and just let Niti guide me step by step through the healing process which makes sticking to carnivore so much easier with my busy life.
    I encourage you to read her book. Then book a coaching session with Niti. You won’t regret it.

  6. Gene Modin (verified owner)

    Thank you for giving me a bit more courage to take on carnivore.

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