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Hello! My name is Tracy, and I am a Christian Carnivore enjoying the lifestyle!

A little about me…

I became very ill in 2008 with obesity, pre-diabetes, and very high blood pressure. My journey back to health was long and included many different avenues to reach my


I wanted to lose weight, get off of all medications, and above all,  restore myself to good health.

After trying many avenues…

In October of 2018, I began my carnivore journey and was also able to eliminate most of my blood pressure medicine with the help of my health care professional within a few months.

It’s incredible! I truly had no idea if I would ever be able to stop or decrease them! I am still on my health journey via a carnivore lifestyle for –  the rest of my life.

I have personal experience with weight loss, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and success with coming off of prescription medications.

Additonally, I have a GREAT passion to help others with the carnivore lifestyle and I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be a Certified Carnivore and Fasting Coach on Revero. I invite you to book a coaching session and allow me to help you with any questions that you may have and to be a support person or accountability friend.  Give carnivore a try!  


43 reviews for Tracy K

  1. lynn (verified owner)

    Tracy was very helpful during our 30-minute chat. She shared some of her experiences eating carnivore, and answered the questions I had. She also assisted me in troubleshooting some of the obstacles I’d been facing. Very easy to talk to and encouraging.

  2. Lidia Kusicki (verified owner)

    Just had my very first meatrx coaching session and it was with Tracy K.
    What a lovely lady! It’s such a comfort to be able to discuss my concerns with someone who’s been through the process of transitioning from the SAD diet to carnivore.

    Tracy is just as friendly as her picture and easy to talk to.
    I’m going to keep a list of questions as I progress on the carnivore diet and request her for my next coaching session.
    Thank you Tracy!

  3. Cherisa Rockriver (verified owner)

    I had my first coaching session with Tracy, and she was excellent. She’d been one of the biggest supporters I’d found in the Instagram community, and we instantly clicked. Every time I’d floated a question out on my daily updates, she took the time to not only read them but answer them with thoughtful responses steering me back in the right direction. It was a no brainer choosing her as my coach as she’d been doing it for free out of the kindness if her heart for a near month. I came prepared with a list of questions and what if’s, and she was able to answer them all. I strongly advise anyone who feels confused, doesn’t know where to start carnivore, or just needs a support system to meet with Tracy. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me, but wherever I end up, I know I won’t be alone because I have Tracy on my team.

  4. Sharon Darling (verified owner)

    I was a bit nervous, as this was my first coaching session… and I will want more! Tracy is very easy to talk to and a great listener. She answered my questions in a way that was easy to understand. She is kind and considerate. She encouraged me to take advantage of many resources at MeatRX. It felt like were in this together! I’ve been part of other organizations where I’ve enjoyed having accountability partners. I look forward to more chats with Tracy… and seeing her online at Motivational Monday meetings! Thank you Tracy for a great 1st experience!

  5. Nanci Smith (verified owner)

    I so appreciated the session with Tracy. She answered questions and was very knowledgeable about the carnivore way of eating. The success in her life that she shared was also encouraging and made me feel that I could be successful too. I really appreciated her kind approach and I really had the feeling that she not only cared about me and understood my struggles. i loved that she offered to look up information on good books for a particular subject concerning carnivore. I totally recommend Tracy as a coach.

  6. Erica BUTLER (verified owner)

    I ADORE Tracy! She was a joy to talk with and confirmed what I was doing right– and made some thoughtful suggestions that I have put into practice with success.
    I recommend Tracy wholeheartedly!

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    Tracy was an awesome listener and had great suggestions for the carnivore journey we both are on. Her kind and calm demeanor made her easy to talk to.Thank you, Tracy!

  8. Andrew (verified owner)

    Tracy was incredibly patient with my 70yo new-to-carnivory-and-still-a-stubborn-skeptic mother. In addition to all that, my mom is a bit neurotic and once she starts talking she goes into flight-of-ideas mode. Tracy was very nice about this and listened patiently. And her advise and more important her compassionate demeanor got through to my mother more effectively than my “drill instructor” methods have so far. I will have my mom set up a Meatrx account and schedule weekly sessions with Tracy going forward. Thanks Tracy!

  9. Lesley (verified owner)

    I Had my first session with beautiful Tracy today. Oh what a joy she is. Her countenance with that ongoing smile of hers is like a healing balm in itself. I’m so great full for her passion to help others and she represents this wonderful carnivore community so well. Counseling session, social media, carnivore world of amazing kind people is all new to me and I am so happy that I took the first step and talked to Tracy. My husband knew how excited I was in anticipation to talk to her. He has felt that this way of eating was the way I should be eating since he knows the Atkins induction diet always worked for me and cured my type 2 diabetes . Many other health issues abound but that’s ok because I know God brought me this way of eating to help and heal me and Tracy is amazing at giving me that support knowledge and encouragement that I need right now. She believes that I’m going to succeed and I do too. I want to talk with her more often since I know she’s heaven sent for me and will be a help to me along the way. Thank you precious Tracy. Your amazing 💆🏻‍♀️🥰

  10. SANDRA MCDONALD (verified owner)

    Thank you Tracy! You were so easy to talk to, so I really enjoyed my visit. I am encouraged by your great success with Carnivore diet. I am loving this way of eating. Thanks for the support. I hope to talk with you again.🙂

  11. Lori Melius (verified owner)

    I was looking for someone to answer some questions and help me through this lifestyle change. Tracy was a great choice for me. She is very caring, compassionate and down to earth. Tracy obviously has a passion for helping people and she gives 100%. She shared a lot of helpful information tailored to my specific needs and has already followed up with other useful tips since our session. I’m very hopeful for my success as a carnivore. Thanks Tracy!

  12. Yomi (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed very much the talk with Tracy. She is such a nice and warmhearted person. I will definitely book her again. She gave me good advice and made me feel like I should continue my journey. As I am located in Germany, Carnivore lifestyle is not common and she gave me the feeling of being not alone. Thank you so much, Tracy!

  13. Eva Veson (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my conversation with Tracy – she is very knowledgeable and warm. I appreciated hearing her story and perspective as well as all the advice and follow up information she sent me. She was able to answer all my questions and give me confidence to do Just Meat July. I look forward to speaking with her again.

  14. Tracy Hassell (verified owner)

    Tracy is amazing! She listen to me as I described my years of yo-yo dieting and all the unpleasantries resulting. She listened to my successes and struggles with Carnivore (and I can talk the horns off a billy goat). But she gave awesome advice and suggestions and most importantly she gave me confidence to start this WOE again!!! So glad I booked with Tracy…in the words of Anne with an e…kindred spirits!

  15. Deb (verified owner)

    Tracy is amazing! She’s so sweet and kind. She listened to my complains and concerns and handled me with care.

    If you need some motivation and care, I would highly suggest Tracy K!

  16. Kathleen Dillon (verified owner)

    Just had my first coaching session with Tracy. I’d been living carnivore for 7.5 weeks, and I had a few specific questions that Tracy was great at talking to my about. I also had questions about navigating the MeatRx site….this stuff is a bit too much for me until I get familiar. Tracy help me to see where everything is, and how to get there by showing me on her laptop during our session. That visual was very helpful. So onward into my journey. I feel great, and I feel Meat arc had a lot to offer. Thanks, Tracy.

  17. Karen Ballard (verified owner)

    I had my second session with Tracy because I enjoyed the first one so much! She was great – both times! Listened to me, addressed my concerns, answered my questions, offered advice only if I wanted it. Generous and gentle. And she knows her stuff! She directed to me to meetings that would benefit me and overall was a great introduction to Meat Rx. Very grateful!

  18. liz nyc (verified owner)

    Tracy is so sweet and understanding. Tracy listens and is very empathetic and can communicate a sense of loving understanding. I had just begun and was not sure how I felt about the whole thing and she made me feel that this was not complicated and I could ease into this way of eating. She helped me get started. I loved her approach. Kind of a Carnivore angel.

  19. James K. (verified owner)

    Great job Tracy–you are very nice to talk to and you made every effort to answer my questions and address my obstacles and health issues. My major obstacle being I don’t tolerate eating meat in quantity well. My blood pressure goes up, my heart pounds for hours, I experience high stress in my body, all resulting in poor sleep and insomnia. So far I’m the only one I’ve heard of with this problem and no one has been able to give me an idea of why this is happening. Ok, this is supposed to be a review of Tracy’s coaching, not about me! I very much appreciate your kindness and gentle spirit Tracy, you made me feel very comfortable and you deserve the very best review. Thank you!

  20. Tracy Kinsel (verified owner)

    Tracy K was a joy to visit with she has a sweet spirit and a very laid-back approach,she made me feel confident about my decision to go carnivore and answered a lot of my questions .I’m looking forward to my coaching sessions with her in the future.

  21. Shirley (verified owner)

    Tracy did a great job of answering my questions, letting me know where I needed to make adjustments, giving me perspective, pointing me to some resources, and giving me some markers to encourage me on this journey. I will use her again when the need arises. I highly recommend her.

  22. Wanda Del Valle

    Thank you Tracy K for a fun interesting session. You were super easy to talk to. Help me with all my questions and concerns. Looking forward for our next session.

  23. Kelsey Gronseth (verified owner)

    Tracy is so great to talk to. She is encouraging and inspiring! She gave me practical tips to help me on my journey as well as a few recipes to try. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a kind person in their corner as they transition into this amazing g way of eating!

  24. Ray (verified owner)

    Tracy was incredibly upbeat and informative. She answered all my questions and gave me plenty of information. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to embark on the Carnivore Diet.

  25. Ray (verified owner)

    Tracy was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. She’s very upbeat and enthusiastic and at the same time an expert in the field. I highly recommend her.

  26. Jayne Morrison (verified owner)

    I am delighted to have just finished my first coaching call with Tracy K! Tracy’s online presence is just as friendly and welcoming as she has appeared to be on the videos I’ve already watched on MEATRX. She answered my questions and shared some of her journey with me. Because of our time on the call, I now have a much better idea of the long-term benefits the Carnivore lifestyle, and how I can better attain my own health goals. Hats off to the MEATRX program, and specifically, Tracy K for educating, encouraging and inspiring folks like me, about the benefits of following the Carnivore Program!

  27. Alan (verified owner)

    Great person and very informative talked about some great recipe and how exactly the process works. Tracy is a great coach. I learned alot.

  28. Karen Miles

    I had the pleasure of getting interviewed by Tracey to be put into a MestRX video. I had trouble with my camera beforehand and I was frazzled when it was time to start recording. Tracy put me at ease and let me relax enough to have a great video together.

  29. Susan O’Banion (verified owner)

    My first MeatRX coaching session with Tracy was as helpful and delightful as promised by previous reviewers. She listened attentively, provided helpful suggestions, and followed up with additional tips. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful coaching session or kinder coach.

  30. Donna Kleinert (verified owner)

    Tracy was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable also. I really found a lot of benefit speaking with her and will be calling on her again to help coach me through this new life transition. Give Tracy a call today!!

  31. Vince-Ann McLachlan (verified owner)

    Tracy was so kind and informative. She answered questions and helped guide me carnivore lifestyle. I will definitely call her again in the future. She sent me a follow up with great info and links! Try her out!!

  32. M Jones (verified owner)

    Tracy K is wonderful! She provided me with some advice to heal my health issues. I am looking forward to trying them and hope to see some improvement.

  33. Sheila Nelson (verified owner)

    I’m just getting started with carnivore and wanted help with some transitional symptoms I’m experiencing. I had watched many of Tracy K’s interviews on the MeatRX youtube channel and found her too be very informed and compassionate. She is a fountain of knowledge on this way of eating and offered many helpful tips. I look forwarding to checking in with her regularly as I progress.

    This MeatRX platform and community is The Best! Thank you!

  34. Mindy Jacobs (verified owner)

    Tracy is a fit for me. She answered all my questions, shared links and videos that were relevant to what I needed to encourage me on this journey.

  35. Carol Cantrell (verified owner)

    Tracy is a wonderful coach and encourager. In my first coaching session with Tracy, she listened to me and made me feel like I’m not alone on this carnivore journey. Her kind words and encouraging spirit really helped me and made me feel very comfortable and I’m looking forward to our next session. Thank you, Tracy!

  36. Sheila Nelson (verified owner)

    I am on day 24 of being carnivore and have weekly check-ins with Tracy. I have benefited enormously from this way of eating, seeing relief from symptoms I’ve had for 20+ years within days, like eczema, point pain knee, GI issues and MORE, but each week I encounter something new and like having a coach there for help and reassurance. Tracy is great and always has something to share from her experience and helps point me in the right direction for help on the MeatRx platform where I can learn more. This attempt in changing my diet and improving my health has been much better and more successful because 1) carnivore works, and 2) the MeatRx coaches and platform offer quick and easy access to relevant and helpful information. Thank you! Talk to you next week, Tracy!

  37. Carol Cantrell (verified owner)

    Tracy continues to be an awesome encouragement to me and so very helpful with my journey into carnivore. I’m loving this way of life and have seen some improvements in the last 11 days (especially less bloating and more mental clarity). I look forward to our sessions together and feel like I’m not alone in this. Thank you, Tracy! You are awesome !

  38. Lesley Roe (verified owner)

    Tracy is amazing 🤩. Her calm, peaceful and practical demeanor helps me to want to stay on course with this way of eating for my health. She stays steady with her conviction of the carnivore way of eating and never waivers or deviates from carnivore lifestyle which I need to keep with my convictions on this way of eating, again for my health. I can’t seem to stress enough that her consistency and her practicality and of course her beautiful smile is a perfect fit for me because she sticks with her convictions and the carnivore truth that is so needed in my life right now and for future. Thank you Tracy for Just being who you are and not waivering because I need you and more people like you who are consistent with this carnivore lifestyle to eat this way which God has brought to me. More counseling sessions are in the near future from you. See you soon. And God richly bless you and your dear husband. I also would like to thank the people of this community at meatrx for staying true to the carnivore diet. Even though we are all different I know that I need this specific knowledge of the carnivore foods we are to eat at least for people like me who so desperately need to eat this way. So again thank you for staying tried and true. I need to keep hearing the truth.

  39. Brenda Sgarlata (verified owner)

    I had my first coaching session with Tracy and I enjoyed talking with her very much! I felt it was easy to talk with her as she listens very well with her heart and smile! She was very helpful and gave me more confidence to move forward in living a carnivore lifestyle.

  40. Hermes Arrey (verified owner)

    Tracy gave me the right advice, and has extended a hand to me in a very difficult moment where I just didn’t know where to go regarding the diet. Now I am much more confident, and I am looking forward to our next meeting. I would 100% recommend her, I am hoping for more people to get in touch with her if they are in doubt.

  41. Katherine Russell (verified owner)

    Tracy was so very helpful! I had some questions and concerns about getting enough nutrients and meal timing, Tracy eased my concerns and helped me come up with a plan! She also sent me some extra information which was very thoughtful😇

  42. Amanda Whitaker

    Tracy was welcoming and very easy to chat with. She gave me some great tips on getting started. I appreciated the follow up email with a review of the things we had discussed.

  43. Natalie Monger (verified owner)

    I am happy to recommend Tracy as your Carnivore Coach! I was hesitant to spend money on coaching, but I decided to spend the money that I would normally spend on a meal out and give it a shot. It was definitely worth it as I found Tracy to be knowledgeable, motivating, and kind. I will definitely schedule future sessions with her to learn more about the “why” behind carnivore and update her on my progress. Highly recommend you reach out to her!

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