Data-Driven Virtual-First Clinic

Our mission is to reverse chronic diseases

Our virtual-first clinic integrates nutritional therapy and clinical expertise with machine learning and digital tools to address the root causes of chronic diseases.


Why Current Solutions Fail

Time to Revolutionize Healthcare

Chronic Disease Epidemic

Current treatments are ineffective and do not address the root causes of disease. 

Medications and surgery are costly and often have unwanted side effects. 

People usually don’t get better and are put on more medications as time goes on.

Massive Economic Burden

The direct healthcare spending worldwide is $8.4 trillion from 2.3 billion people. 

US annual healthcare spending on chronic disease is $3.1 trillion according to CDC.

 Health plans and employers are paying massive costs for chronic diseases.

Chronic Disease Reversal

Revero Is A New Treatment Paradigm

Reversing Chronic Diseases

Our AI-based medical nutritional therapy eliminates the foods that are contributing to the pathways of disease and personalizes the treatment based on biomarkers and clinical outcomes

Data-Driven Virtual Clinic

Our physicians provide ongoing support and de-prescribe the medications as patients improve, while coaches provide on-demand support and feedback on progress data, all through the app

Nutritional Changes​

Medication Changes

Biomarker Feedback

Physicians Care Team

Adaptive AI & Analytics

Coaching & Support

Nutritional Changes​

Medication Changes

Biomarker Feedback

Physicians Care Team

Adaptive AI & Analytics

Coaching & Support


  • Diabetes
  • Rosacea
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritable bowel disease


  • Infertility
  • Cystic acne
  • Recurring infections
  • Leg cramps
  • Costochondritis

2K participants, 6+ months

2021 Harvard study shows 90% disease reversal on our baseline elimination diet

12K participants, 3+ months

79% of People eliminated or reduced all medications after 3 months

Top Conditions improved

Musculoskeletal, skin, GI, Mental Health Conditions, Type2 Diabetes, Autoimmunity


Testimonials by our community

Eliminating costly medications

Watch patient testimonials on healing from chronic diseases eliminating expensive medications using our baseline elimination diet. 

Chronic Disease Reversal

Who Can Benefit From Revero​


Individuals who seek treatment outside their health insurance provider or employer


Saving $millions on employer’s medical claims cost for self-insured employers

Health Plans

Payers who look to reduce medical loss ratio in their fully insured books

Community & Coaching

Base Elimination Diet
Thousands Of Members
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Chronic Disease Reversal

Virtual Clinic
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Time to Revolutionize Healthcare

Why Us? Why Now?

reversing Multiple chronic conditions

We address the root causes of diseases and provide nutritional therapy & remote care

AI to solve
the complexity

Optimal treatment for each person depends on demographics, health conditions, lifestyle

Our unique
data advantage

Access to reliable unconfounded data from real outcomes in our community

Chronic disease

Hundreds of millions of Americans are suffering and billions of dollars are spent

Demand for virtual-first medical care

People going to digital health and telemedicine for getting on demand medical support

Interest in Nutrition and chronic disease

General solutions fail because the relationship between food & chronic disease is complex

Disclaimer: Revero is awaiting verification and medical trials to confirm its technology and treatment goals. It is currently not practicing medicine and makes no present claims about treating diseases. The information on this page reflects the future plans of the company. Please contact your healthcare provider for medical advice.

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